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How to Choose the Right Baby Knitted Hat?

How to Choose the Right Baby Knitted Hat?

Issue Time:2022/01/14
some tips for choosing baby knitted hats

Knitted hats are a must-have item for babies, keeping warm in winter and sun protection in summer. When choosing a hat for your baby, you must choose it according to the current seasonal temperature. There are other selection factors, which are listed below for your reference.

1. Choose a comfortable, lightweight hat

The skin of the baby's head is tender and has poor adaptability to climate change. It is necessary to choose a cap that is light in texture, soft to the touch, heat-insulating, and breathable. If the hat is too heavy and too hard, the baby will not only be uncomfortable but also affect the development of brain nerves.

2. Hat style and season adaptation

In autumn and winter, you should choose hats that keep warm and protect your baby from cold, such as knitted hats, woolen knitted hats, etc. In very cold areas, you should choose hats that can protect your cheeks and ears.

3. The size of the hat is suitable for the head circumference

Generally, it is 1 cm larger than the head circumference; the purpose of appropriately relaxing the size is to avoid the hat from being too tight, to prevent the child's head development from being unfavorable, and to prevent the hat ring from shrinking and affecting the wearing.

3. The color of the hat should be bright

Dark hats absorb more light, so it is warmer to buy dark hats in winter. In summer, it is cooler to choose light colors. If the baby is going to school, choose a brightly colored hat for the baby, so that the baby can be easily seen by the driver when walking on the road, which can avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. Choose according to your child's skin tone and body shape

Under normal circumstances, tall, fat, fair-skinned children are suitable for wearing hats with larger brim and lighter color (referring to spring and autumn). Children with darker skin are suitable for hats with a small brim and a slightly darker color.

Babies are relatively fragile, and skin infections such as tinea capitis and lice can be transmitted through hats, so it is best not to let babies wear hats together. Some children have strong sebum secretion, particularly large scalp oil secretion, and oily and shiny hair. They should choose breathable and lightweight hats and wash them frequently to keep them clean.

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