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Cashmere Sweater Maintenance Skills

Cashmere Sweater Maintenance Skills

Issue Time:2022/04/10
The reason for the popularity of cashmere knitted sweaters can be attributed to: it has a good thermal insulation effect. In other words, this fine natural fiber is said to be eight times warmer than wool, and it provides maximum toughness with minimal bulk. He is also loved by pregnant women because of this.

Another plus: cashmere is one of the longest-lasting fibers. Homeowners claim that garments made from paper-thin yarn can last up to 30 years. Heed these six tips and your cashmere sweater will keep you comfortable for years to come.

1. Shave regularly

Knitted fabrics made from natural fibers can pilling, or fluff balls, in areas where friction occurs, such as under the arms, inner thighs, or in handbags. A razor blade, lint tape, or special equipment can be used to keep your cashmere sweater lint-free.

2. Do not wash frequently

Assuming your clothes are free of stains, spills, and perspiration, you can skip washing your cashmere sweaters for a while. It is recommended to wash after about 3 years.

3. Ignore what's on the label

Because it's a delicate yarn, many cashmere sweaters are marked "dry clean only." But cashmere comes from goats, goats' fur, like human hair. He will be more fluffy and shiny after washing. In contrast, dry cleaning can damage and break down fibers over time.

When to make an exception: If your item has special buttons, metal, embroidery, or beading, follow the care instructions on the label, or research further on the best way to clean it.

4. Wash your cashmere in cold water and use a mild detergent

Hand wash cashmere sweaters are always your best option. Some cashmere lovers recommend soaking for two to three hours to achieve the above-mentioned bulk, but anywhere around 20 minutes will do. While some are adamantly against the idea of putting precious cashmere in the machine, other experts believe it is okay to occasionally turn a cashmere sweater over into the washing machine for a short, gentle cycle.

There are two important things to remember when washing: Any form of heat can shrink cashmere, so make sure the water is cold. Regular detergent is too harsh for cashmere; use two teaspoons of organic baby shampoo or a biodegradable wool wash instead.

5. Time is the best fabric softener

Can cashmere sweaters be made softer? Incredibly, the answer is yes but it's better to let it happen naturally over time. Adding fabric softener may have the opposite effect.

6. Dry cashmere knits

Cashmere knits are at their most delicate when the fibers are wet, so this is the stage that requires the most care. Unfortunately, wet cashmere can take a few days to dry, so this is also the stage that requires the most patience. You can gently press the excess water out of the garment, place it on a dry towel and roll it up carefully. Once the towel has absorbed as much moisture as possible, shape the garment and lay it flat to dry in the shade.

We don't recommend doing this with every wash, but if you need to dry your laundry as quickly as possible, you can put it in the dryer for 5 minutes to speed up the wash. Then lay it flat to complete the process. It's worth reiterating that heat can cause cashmere to shrink, so remember to use the air-dry setting only.

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